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Sales Culture Development

A sales culture is unique from company culture. The term defines how sales teams are built, interact, motivated, and evaluated. You set expectations, award the high performing sales reps, but also not exaggerate failure. In addition, you create an atmosphere where people stay and meet the challenges that you establish.  

Sales culture is a comprehensive strategic initiative. The culture starts with hiring and onboarding. You want to create a good first impression on your new employees. Then you can establish if they are a good fit, and show them where they can thrive in their team. 

Honesty and transparency go a long way into making that impression count. If employees know that they can trust their managers and Human Resource representatives, then they are more likely to make earnest contributions towards the organization. Otherwise, just having rituals to build positive morale lack meaning. 

Future aspects include methods of compensation, competition, team building, coaching, mentorship, and creating a healthy atmosphere where your employees and the company can thrive together. Fair compensation means that employees will not lose faith in the company and seek other positions. Healthy competition, balanced with team building, encourages people to work together and also work for their highest potential.

What is the difference between coaching and mentorship? Coaching is when you have hired professionals to specify goals and strategies; we cover this on our sales coaching page. Their interest lies in helping a sales rep improve at their job and fill any gaps in knowledge. Mentorship is when an individual decides to take in another employee under their wing and provide guidance. Often, mentors are volunteers within an organization and sometimes even outside of it. You can find mentors in chambers of commerce and public speaking groups. 

Sales culture is often pigeonholed into expense accounts or lucrative compensation plans. We cover these facets in our commission section. Although these can be components of a sales culture, by themselves they do not dictate one. Money doesn’t determine a sole atmosphere, even if money motivates people to work. 

Respect between employees and managers is also a must. Employees must respect their managers’ time and energy while receiving the same courtesies. You don’t want an employee to become disgruntled if you make them work for a week without compensation, redo their paperwork three times, and come in for a drug test on their day off. Instead, you’d get all the necessary paperwork and visits done ahead of time so they can arrive bright and ready to sell. This action seems small but can carry a long way. 

Culture typically stops at the company level, but the highest performing sales teams have a sales subculture of their own. They are a bonded team who have been brought together, not by chance. Instead, a unifying structure brings out the best performances in each of them and celebrates them. 

Creating A Sales Culture

Sales culture should start before Day 1; it starts during the hiring process. They should always feel the push to work their hardest because they are surrounded by the best. Building and maintaining this culture is no easy feat, but the results are well worth it. 

You want your sales reps to never be satisfied with their performances. They should always push each other to be better the next month or next quarter. Healthy competition is a great motivator. 

A winning sales culture takes time and effort to build. Taking the steps is a necessity, however, when you want to sell your products via phone, street, or meeting. You will be rewarded with a productive and loyal sales team whose members are driven to succeed for your business.

Learn More From Rose Garden Consulting

Rose Garden Consulting offers more than advice. We also want to craft an atmosphere that fosters healthy competition and teamwork. Our other clients have been satisfied with the results. 

Find out in a complementary initial consult how you can improve your sales culture. We can save you time and energy in finding out what environment nurtures deals and lures in leads. 


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