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Culture Development

Sales Culture Development

A sales culture is unique from company culture and defines how sales teams are built, interact, motivated, and evaluated.

Sales culture is often pigeonholed into expense accounts or lucrative compensation plans (as mentioned in our commission section). Although these can be components of a sales culture, by themselves they do not dictate one. A sales culture is a comprehensive strategic initiative that starts with hiring, onboarding, and includes methods of compensation, competition, team building, coaching, mentorship, and much more.

Culture typically stops at the company level, but the highest performing sales teams have a sales subculture of their own. They are a bonded team who have been brought together, not by chance, but by a structure that brings out the best performances in each of them and celebrates them. Sales culture should start Day 1 when a rep is hired, and they should always feel the push to be the best because they are surrounded by the best. Building and maintaining this culture is no easy feat, but the results are well worth it. You want your sales reps to never be satisfied with their performances and to always push each other to be better the next month or next quarter.

A winning sales culture takes time and effort to build, but you will be rewarded with a productive and loyal sales team whose members are driven to succeed for your business.