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Sales is an art first, then a science. Transforming your sales process into an experience that solves your longstanding sales challenge requires insight, action, and the right team. Data alone won’t cut it; you need to understand people. At Rose Garden, we combine behavioral economics with our sales expertise to understand your team, diagnose the problems, and present you with a turn-key solution that drives continuous sales performance and revenue growth. Just follow our lead.

Redefine your process into a
sales experience

Want to close deals faster and at a higher rate? You need to redefine your process into a sales experience. Rose Garden will tell you exactly what’s needed to build the right team, map the buyer experience, and close deals. We’re primed to transform your business.

Get started with a Team Assessment or dive right in with our Sales Accelerator.

Team Assessment

We use a combination of assessments to identify team-member strengths and motivators and even illuminate bad-fit placements. Findings are presented in a one-day workshop.

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Sales Accelerator

We evaluate your compensation structure, tech stack, sales playbooks, sales strategy, hiring and onboarding, and process development to diagnose problems.

With the process diagnostic in-hand, we deliver a turn-key sales experience roadmap that promotes quick buy-in, adoption, and results.

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We ignite revenue growth with transformative solutions based on behavioral economics. Our impact goes deeper than revenue – we change your sales culture, transforming the sales process into a sales experience that aligns with the emotional needs of your target. To this end, we work with visionaries who know their personal limitations but are ready to push the boundaries to get things done.

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