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Our experts build custom, turn-key sales departments that scale for SaaS and service-based businesses.

Sales strategy and consulting for growth-oriented companies needing to scale to the next level

About Us

Rose Garden Consulting possesses deep expertise and specialized strategies for taking companies beyond their initial growth stages. We provide organizations generating $5-$10 million in revenue with a clear, actionable plan for scaling to $50 million and beyond.

The fact is, once companies reach a certain revenue level, growing any further becomes increasingly difficult without new sales processes. RGC designs and implements a direction for expanding the capabilities needed to move forward.

With our collaborative approach, organizations uncover key insights that elevate the effectiveness of their sales initiatives. They get the exact systems and processes needed to create new growth, resulting in a highly skilled sales force that drives stronger company performance.

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Strategy and leadership that creates long-term revenue growth

While we have a foundational set of strategies, the exact process we use for scaling changes with each company. It varies depending on the organization’s leadership, sales team and operations. What we do is put all the pieces together in a systematic way that creates long-term benefits for everyone involved.

The big advantage with this approach is that the guesswork gets eliminated. Companies are able to empower their teams, while optimizing all processes for better collaboration, decision-making and efficiency. So not only does revenue increase, organizations have the infrastructure in place to sustain future growth.

Ready to reach new revenue levels?

We only work with ambitious leaders who relentlessly pursue improvement. To inquire about working with Rose Garden Consulting, click the “Let’s Talk” button to the right.

  • Systematize your sales.
  • Convert more prospects.
  • Multiply your revenue.

Systemize your sales. Convert more prospects multiply your revenue.

Customized Sales Playbooks

A sales playbook contains the tools, and the blueprint, reps need to close a deal quickly and reliably.

Tech Stack Development

A tech stack is the strategic set of software tools employed to maximize rep time and efforts.

Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding is a strategic path each new rep takes to optimize their time-to-value at your company

Coaching and Advisory

Sales coaching focuses on helping reps develop the skills, knowledge and use of strategies that improve sales results.

Process Development

The sales process refers to a repeatable set of steps your sales team takes with a prospect to move them from a potential customer to a happy (and paying) customer.

Compensation and Commissions

A sales compensation and commission structure is the ‘carrot’ for sales reps, that defines how, why, when and how much money they will make for specific behaviors.

Culture Development

A sales culture is unique from company culture and defines how sales teams are built, interact, motivated and evaluated.

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Fresh Ideas

5 Ways To Scale Your Sales Teams Effectively

5 Ways To Scale Your Sales Teams Effectively

When you finally get to the point where you need to scale your sales teams within your company, well that’s a great problem to have. It’s an exciting milestone to reach. From now on your leadership style needs to change in order to reflect this new phase and you no longer can make decisions and expect people to follow on every aspect of the business. The progress these changes bring means that the core values and culture in your business now make a stronger impact than the directives and mandates.

5 Steps to Closing a Deal

5 Steps to Closing a Deal

After weeks of talking over the phone and email you’ve finally gotten a potential client to agree to meet for a sales pitch. While having a great product or service is very important, it’s almost more important to have a great pitch. Here are 5 ways to ensure that you not only sell your product but also the idea behind it.


“Working with [Rose Garden Consulting] has been great, [they] helped us analyze our current sales processes and iterate them, [they] brought some real solutions that have [proved to be] a real game changer for us.”

Justin, VP of Sales, Linux Academy


“[RGC] helped us completely revamp our outbound strategy… our average deal size went from $35,000 – $75,000 just from a few tweaks that [RGC] helped us make to our proposals”

Nate Andorsky Co-Founder