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  • A sales playbook contains the tools, and the blueprint, reps need to close a deal quickly and reliably.
    Customized Sales
  • A tech stack is the strategic set of software tools employed to maximize rep time and efforts.
    Tech Stack
  • Hiring and onboarding is a strategic path each new rep takes to optimize their time-to-value at your company.
    Hiring and
  • Sales coaching focuses on helping reps develop the skills, knowledge, and use of strategies that improve sales results.
    Coaching and
  • The sales process refers to a repeatable set of steps your sales team takes with a prospect to move them from a potential customer, to a happy (and paying) customer.
  • A sales compensation and commission structure is the ‘carrot’ for sales reps, that defines how, why, when, and how much money they will make for specific behaviors.
    Compensation and
  • A sales culture is unique from company culture and defines how sales teams are built, interact, motivated, and evaluated.

Strategic growth planning
That Propels Your Sales
past your competition!

You want growth, no matter the size of your business. Sales representatives help with growth by You want to have multiple customers so that if one has to fold, you have other eggs in the basket. What’s more, you want those customers to spread the word about your products and services and give you a boost. Your sales team needs to be on the ball.

Regardless of where your business is right now, a few facts are certain: you want to sell more, reach farther and consistently grow your revenue. That way you can pay your employees, invest excess into the business, and earn sustainably. Sometimes a new marketing strategy doesn’t cut it. You need to improve your people to achieve your business goals.

The problem is, you don’t know how to move to higher (let alone the highest) levels of sales success -- and do so without your team being so dependent on you. After a point, your leads stagnate, and so do the closed deals. The highest levels seem like pie in the sky.

This is where we can help. This isn't just sales training. We show you step-by-step how a world-class sales team operates. Then we watch you apply the changes to your team. Revel in the wonder. In some cases, we can customize our recommendations to bring your team to the top. Let’s get your business model up and running, so as to reach that success you desire.

Our Process

Growing your sales isn’t magic – It’s merely a process. Each sales process is bespoke and custom-tailored for your company to realize long-term growth.

We first study your current business and how you operate. What are your compensation structure systems? Which software do you use for your tech stacks? Who is handling your business coaching?

Once we conduct analysis, we make recommendations for changes and opportunities for growth. Finding leads on social media is one such new venture that would assist you. We also provide insight into how to improve your sales culture, and what motivations may help with that. Rose Garden Consulting can work with your budget, and optimize your leads.

Our clients have been very happy with our results. Read through their success stories and how we helped them reach their goals. 

Let us show you how we get results for our clients. In some cases, we have doubled and even tripled revenue. More importantly, the sales teams know how to grow, compete, and support each other at the same time.

Linux Academy Case Study

Linux Academy was ultimately looking to increase their sales and get a firm understanding of how to create an outbound process to increase revenue.

Before:$5,200,000 Annual Recurring Revenue

After:$12,000,000 Annual Recurring Revenue

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Let us show you how we get results for our clients.

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Creative Science Labs

Creative Science Labs was looking to understand what their sales process should look like. They were functionally lost.

Before:$35,000 Average deal size

After:$75,000 Average deal size

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Ready to work

We want to bring your sales up to speed, and to improve your quotas. Rose Garden takes good care of our clients, and we will boost your revenue considerably.

Reach out to us today and schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Let’s get you blooming today.

Building a great sales organization starts here!

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What Our Clients Says

“Working with [Rose Garden Consulting] has been great, [they] helped us analyze our current sales processes and iterate them, [they] brought some real solutions that have [proved to be] a real game changer for us.”

- Justin, VP of Sales, Linux Academy

Hear What Justin Said

Take Back Control Of Your Sales

“I started RGC because I was talking to too many business owners who told me their sales process was unpredictable, unknown and unscalable and I wanted to give those business owners control of their revenue through sales.”

Ali Mirza, President