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Engineering and implementing sales teams.

Rose Garden Consulting is a multidisciplinary collective of revenue generation experts. We help businesses accelerate their pipeline, close deals, and scale revenue.

Scaling B2B sales organizations is our specialty. Businesses looking to get from just a few sales reps to dozens. From a few million dollars in revenue to $50M. We understand the unique challenges that service-based agencies, SaaS, insurance, and financial products face.

We take an active approach with our clients. We're not just advisors, we get our hands dirty and build out the sales process, playbooks, hiring, onboarding and training plans. With a hand on all aspects of the plan we can build and document a seamless, cohesive experience. 

If you're a passionate founder, CEO, or sales leader looking to scale and want to make sure it's done right the first time, we want to meet you.

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Ali Mirza


Ali discovered sales selling life insurance door to door. It was a grueling job where he saw dozens of salespeople come in the door optimistic and be chewed up and spit out days later. The ruthless unforgiving nature of the job demanded adaptability, grit, and a talent for self evaluation as a means to hone his craft. As the proverb goes, pressure makes diamonds. Ali thrived, developed his own system and process of selling. He became the top salesman at two companies and within seven years he closed $100M in sales.

Alongside his success, Ali saw the companies he worked for using piece-meal solutions, constant trial-and-error attempts that rarely performed well, and tons of missed opportunities. This experience cemented Ali's interest in taking the strategies, and analytical eye he's developed and using these skills to nurture other struggling companies. Correcting and preventing the pitfalls that he had to witness due to arrogant or stubborn leadership.

Alex Kaye


Alex started his career during the infancy of CRMs. He worked at a niche medical device company migrating all of their processes and client data. Through this process, and well before Sales Ops was a mainstay position, he harnessed the power of data analytics to effect real growth.

From there he helped the next 3 companies he worked at reach their targets of a $400M IPO, $40M in venture capital funding, and a private equity acquisition. He rose to be the right-hand man for every CEO and CRO he worked with, learning how to optimize for growth.  This passion for growth optimization is what brought him to consulting.

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We only work with the most determined and passionate leaders. If you want to close more deals, multiply your revenue, and scale your business, we're ready to take action.