When you receive a quota that scares you, you might get a feeling of fear… That feeling… It’s called growth.

Remember, a quota is just the bare minimum to not get fired. We should not be celebrating hitting a quota. You need to have a goal that you are set to achieve every single month. Your goals should easily be between 20 to 30 percent past your quota. Again, the quota is the bare minimum not to get fired. That’s to earn your keep. And if you can only muster up about half of that. Something is extremely wrong. You should always have a goal that you aim for, set the habits to achieve them, then execute!

You don’t punch at the wall, you punch through it.

Everyone just puts up a quota and then crosses their fingers, hoping that they get there. Sales people try to calculate the number of cadences, touches, contacts, or whatever activities that they’re going to need. They create a science project and then proceed to try and calculate the numbers and data with zero interest in actually trying to understand why the client needs the product or service.

So why does the client need your product or service?

You must understand that there needs to be several approaches with multiple perspectives, so your client can understand the angle you’re coming from.

So you need to create strategies as to why your client will benefit from buying into your product or service, and how your clients in the past have benefited.

You’ll never achieve surpassing your quota if you’re not focused on your clients best interests. Solve the problem for the customer, don’t look at it “as a sale.”

Another reason why so many people miss their quota is because the sales teams focus has been shifted to things that they cannot control. It’s all about work life balance, about their mental health, and boils down to diversity and inclusion.

They talk about everything except for actually how and why they will hit their number.

Things can always be better, but when we act like something is the end of the world (in this case setting a higher goal), when it’s not, that’s when we become distracted. It takes our focus away from creating a positive, growth minded organization that’s focused on the goals at hand. And as a result, people don’t improve. They enter into this downward spiral of aggression. They don’t level up. There’s no skill set improvement, and thus quotas are missed. We’ve stopped focusing on what’s needed in order to grow, and we’ve created entitlement, which is hurting the growth of our teams and organizations.


It’s important to understand that a positive mindset is vital when setting out to achieve a goal. Stay optimistic, stay determined, and understand that your success lies within your own hands. You determine the outcome of your day, the outcome of your week, the outcome of your month, and the outcome of your life. If you want to be great, then don’t let small challenges, or uncomfortable territory frighten you. Stand up to the challenge and face your fears head on.

Are you ready?

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