When your sales team is missing targets, it’s very important to figure out if they’re engaged or disengaged.

– Here are three signs to find out if your sales team is disengaged.

SIGN #1: Are They Happy?

The first sign of having a disengaged sales team is having a very happy sales team when they’re behind on targets. Nobody should be happy and excited when they’re behind on their targets. That doesn’t mean that you need to be moping around and upset all day long.Yet, at the end of the day, you need to have a clear focus on what your target is and what you need to be doing to hit it. Now if you’re having fun and horsing around, and continuously engage in activities that you shouldn’t be engaged in, how engaged could you possibly be?

SIGN #2: Are They Making Excuses?

The second sign of your sales team being disengaged is when they’re constantly coming up with reasons as to why their target cannot be hit. Sales teams need to be constantly solution focused. They’re looking for how it could potentially be done. They’re asking you questions of what you would do in a particular situation, rather than coming to you mid-month after having already agreed to the target. If they’re coming back to you and saying it’s not possible, I can’t do it, and really looking for you to lower the quota rather than coming up with solutions of how to hit that goal, then this should immediately raise a red flag.



SIGN #3: Is There A Sense of Urgency?

The third biggest sign that your sales team is disengaged is when the meeting recap emails are going out later than usual. They’re not setting up the next steps on the call, and frankly, they’re usually giving up on the second or third objection. They throw up their hands and say that’s fine by me, and let the sale go. Sometimes they might say, “oh, not a problem, let me send you some information.” And then that information takes quite a while to get out to the prospect.

Frankly, even if they don’t have something to rebuttal with, that objection with sending a recap email is a very simple thing that they can do to try and build their case again. Now, if you’re not actively looking to do that as soon as you get off the call, how much do you really want the deal? How badly do you want to help your prospect? If you don’t really want the deal, how engaged are you? That’s one of the biggest problems with sales teams when they become disengaged.


If your people are giving up relatively quickly, then that’s a clear sign of disengagement. And if you’re spotting this inside of your sales team, and you’d like to get them re-engaged, you don’t have to fire them. But there are clear ways of how we can pull them away from that and get them engaged again.

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