Firstly, who are the Millennials? Millennials are the generation born between 1980-2000. They are vastly different from the generations before them, and these differences are what make them great salespeople. Let’s explore this further.

Millennials adopt new technology 2x faster

Millennials grew up with technology at their fingertips. They understand the power of the Internet and how it can be used to sell. They utilized social media much more effectively and efficiently than other generations because they understand it. Due to the excess sharing of information in a social media dominated world, millennials are used to working with large amounts of information which means that they can be much more efficient at digesting and understanding information. Millennials will use whatever it takes to get a competitive edge. Because of this, they’re typically early adopters of new methods of doing things without taking time to wait and see if it works for others.

They Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Millennials have had to overcome the recession and make things work for themselves. They also find the typical 9-5 jobs oppressive, and they’re changing the workplace for generations to come. Over half of millennials surveyed hope to start their own business one day or already have. Their entrepreneurial spirit makes them hungry, creative and have a passionate desire to succeed. One report shows that Millennials have created double the amount of businesses as Baby Boomers. Millennials always want the “next best thing” which might not sound like a good thing, but this means that they will always have the drive do what it takes to get what they want.

They Love Result

With millennials being born into the age of technology, they’re very used to getting things that they want instantly. This can translate into making a results-driven entrepreneur with their desire to get what they want. They demand results and answers, and won’t settle for “because that’s the way it’s always been”. This makes them effective salespeople and if something doesn’t work; they find something better, anything to get results!

They are Free of Bad Habits

Since many millennials are still at a young age they haven’t been in the workplace for very long which can actually be a good thing. Due to the lack of experience that many of them have, they’re easy to be properly trained without having to break bad habits that have already been formed. They come with a fresh perspective, and they don’t allow themselves to become complacent and burnt out. This gives them the competitive edge on Gen X and Baby Boomers

They are Passionate

Passion is something that’s very overlooked in the business world but luckily millennials have plenty of it. They are passionate about a lot of things and your brand may be included. Their passion helps them become invested in the product and the client, helping them become stellar salespeople. When millennials have passion about the product they’re selling they don’t just sell the product but also sell the idea and dream that comes with the product that they’re presenting to you.

Many businesses are realizing this, and while many of this generation are considered lazy and spoiled, the few that excel will far supersede any expectations.

Are you ready?

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