How to Improve Sales Processes | Rose Garden Consulting

What We Do

We produce revenue-generating sales processes for growing companies

At Rose Garden Consulting, we serve as both an advisor and practitioner to revenue-generation efforts.

We see sales as a process that goes beyond just closing techniques, phone skills or negotiating deals. Our approach is more holistic, involving a systematic ecosystem that works together to produce revenue growth.

Achieving this outcome requires a complete analysis of the:

  • Company
  • Team
  • Clients
  • Processes
  • Sales system

Once we identify areas for improvement, we then implement the tools, training and people needed to continue growth.

What causes companies to stop growing

Competition in business evolves in a similar manner to sports. When teams get better and win, they move up to more competitive leagues. With this advancement, comes improved talent and higher quality coaching.

So the way the sales team competed at the lower levels of business just won’t work anymore. No longer can the team win with one or two sales superstars and a few complementary players.

To see continued success, a talented team and the processes to perform at the next level are needed. When these changes aren’t made, companies can only grow to a certain point.

We understand the strengths and systems required at different revenue inflection points. The $8-$10 million mark in revenue is the most significant milestone where adjustments are necessary to move to the next growth tier.

At this point, loyalty becomes a big barrier. CEOs often delay making the necessary changes in leadership or skill sets that are required to keep growing. Our job is to take over this process, so clients understand what tools, training and people are needed to continue growing.