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Rose Garden Consulting helps businesses go from entrepreneurial run to professionally managed.

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Rose Garden Consulting helps sales leaders thrive. You can either build the plane while in the air, or have us build it while you fly it.

What We Do

Rose Garden Consulting does not plant literal roses. Our business focuses on improving your sales process so you can scale your sales team. That means finding areas to optimize. We want to improve your people and the systems in place. 

We want your ideas to take root, however, only with respect to sales. You need that boost so that you can blossom through the designated market where you sell. A good sales process, optimized from a customer-centric strategy will allow your department to gain predictable revenue.

Collecting Data On Your Process

First, we see how you operate in real-time, on a regular basis. We need to know how your sales reps, sales leaders, and executives work when they are looking to close a deal and work towards the company revenue goals. 

Your goals have to be measurable, and specific. Saying, “I want to increase sales” won’t help. We work with clients who say “I need to have our close rate up to 50% with an increase in the average deal size of 15% by the end of the year”.

Identify The Gaps

Every sales system has room for improvement because people are never perfect. We always want to aim for perfection, however, by taking gradual steps to refine a system. When we analyze your process, we try to identify potential gaps in knowledge, technology or people management that your salespeople need. 

Your product or service may be great. Even so, a lack of communication or knowledge relevant to consumers can harm your ability to effectively communicate and close deals. You want to ensure that the sales team can answer any questions, handle necessary cold calls, and schedule appropriate appointments.

If our people are great at pitches and building rapport, you may need better tech on hand. Implement software that can streamline the process. We’ll make recommendations based on your available budget. 

We Search For Solutions

What makes us different from other consultants? We provide customized solutions to improve your situation. No matter the size of your business or your team, we can cut through the red tape of recruiting and find candidates who can actually help you. 

Consider this scenario: we listen to permitted recordings of sales conversations with potential customers. We can analyze if your reps have sufficient knowledge and stamina to grab that lead. Do they lack information on the product they are selling? Are they hyping features that are irrelevant to the consumer? 

While your salespeople are great, they may need some direction. We can help your reps refine their process so that they mention your solution’s features only when necessary. That they can close a deal with finesse and practice. 

See Our Results

Rose Garden Consulting helps businesses go from entrepreneurial run to professionally managed. Entrepreneurs ideally should be able to take the leap to turn their venture into a long-term, sustainable business. 

Reach out to us today to learn more. Get your complimentary initial consult! We want to help your sales reps improve.

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