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Redefine your sales process. We will guide you. Our strategies and principles are proven to overcome longstanding sales challenges by providing the exact systems, strategies, and sales structure needed to generate and maintain scalable growth. We offer a Team Assessment to evaluate conative and affective factors impacting your sales performance and our Sales Accelerator to diagnose and then execute solutions needed to ignite growth.

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Team Assessment

Rose Garden Consulting’s Team Assessment assists CEOs and sales leaders improve and optimize communication and sales performance. We use a combination of Kolbe and PRINT® assessments to identify team-member strengths and motivators and even illuminate bad-fit placements. Findings are then presented in a one-day workshop.

Team Assessment
Workshops include:

A one-day comprehensive and hands-on optimization workshop for your sales team, leadership, or a combined experience created for both groups:


Kolbe Index – A test that measures instinct and analyzes how your team takes action when striving


PRINT® assessments – A test that reveals the unconscious motivators that drive your team’s behavior and action


Training to leverage assessment results from the above tests for immediate and long-term gains


Team success seminar for maximizing team productivity and effectiveness

Let’s discuss how a Team Assessment can light a fire under your team.

Sales Accelerator

A powerful sales experience starts with a winning strategy and is supported by a culture, then carried out with efficient execution. All three of these components must be aligned properly to create a coherent experience that moves deals and generates the growth you need. If just one ingredient is lacking, the entire sales experience suffers, limiting impact and preventing scalable growth.

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A Year of Experience in One Day

Using our Sales Accelerator process, we’ll evaluate your compensation structure, tech stack, sales playbooks, sales strategy, hiring and onboarding, and process development to illuminate problems and areas for improvement. In a single day, you’ll learn the gaps and issues in your process that would otherwise take you a year of mistakes to uncover.

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Clarity Ignites Growth

Unmasking the problems that plague your sales experience will provide clarity and actionable insight toward next steps. Energy spent searching for the right decision can now be put toward implementing the solution.

Once we have the process diagnostic in hand, we’ll deliver a turnkey sales experience roadmap that promotes quick buy-in, adoption, and results. We’ll find the right people for your sales experience, put them in the right role, and equip them with the tools needed to close deals and take on any sales challenge.

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