We’ve all come across a bad salesperson at some point in our lives. What are the Qualities of a bad salesperson? Maybe they talk too much, maybe they care more about their product than the people they’re attempting to sell it to, or maybe they just aren’t that interested in sales in general. Many times, a poor salesperson tells himself a lie to feel more comfortable. Curious about the lies poor salespeople tell themselves that sabotage their sales success? Have you ever wondered if you were sabotaging your own success? Well, we’re here to expose these lies we tell ourselves once and for all!

Lie 1: I’m not a Born Salesman

There is no such thing as a born salesperson. The only thing born is baby boys and baby girls. Salespeople are trained. It is a skill that requires development. To become a truly great salesperson, you must learn your craft, practice your craft, and apply it. When I first started selling, I was so bad that I couldn’t even close the grandma who bought from the Nigerian prince. After many years of learning, understanding, and practicing, I have an actual close ratio of 78%. Sales, just like any profession, requires training and development for success.

Lie 2: I Couldn’t Close Because I Didn’t Want to be Pushy

The salesperson’s job starts when the client says No. My grandmother could sell a car to a guy that walks on the lot and says, “I’ll take the yellow one”. Selling means explaining the value your product or service will provide for the prospective customer.

If you have done your job correctly, you should be promoting the product that’s right for your client, and if your client is saying no, you haven’t explained the product’s benefits and features correctly. Rebutting your client’s objection is simply you explaining to the client their best interest.

Lie 3: It’s a Done Deal

It is only a done deal when you have a check in hand.

Lie 4: His Budget was Too Low

Price is a poor salesperson negotiation factor. Anyone can sell a gold brick for 80% under market value, but a true salesperson sells it for at, or over market value. Price becomes a problem when the client didn’t understand the benefits because all you did was rifle off the features.

Are you ready?

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