Discipline and habits are the first key to finding major success in life.

As a salesman, you need to consider yourself as a business. You’re not just selling a product or service, you’re selling yourself. But what about yourself are you selling? Have you asked yourself this question?

The issue we see with many sales people is that they want to make their sale, get their commission, and move on. Now, being in the sales field, that’s completely understandable. Because at the end of the day, we’re not going to argue that everyone wants to make money. However, how do you go from just closing a sale, to being a master salesman? How do the top salesmen make it to the top of their leadership board? Why do only a handful of salesmen get true recognition? Well, it’s simple. Their mission is to actually use the product or service they’re selling to find a solution to a problem a prospect is facing. Does this make sense?

The organization you work for has grown to be a successful company for a reason.

They offer something that solves a problem. The organization didn’t just become successful because people are selling ‘things’ and making commissions and moving on to more people ‘to swindle.’ This is not the case at all. Organizations that are based on sales have been built up and put onto pedestals because their best sales people find solutions to problems using the services and products their companies offer. It’s quite simple to be honest.

There’s no rocket science involved. When approaching a situation with a prospect from the perspective of actually trying to be helpful and useful to their needs, you have a much higher probability of making a deal.

As a salesman, you need to believe in the service or product you’re offering to the public.

First of all, have you invested into it yourself? And if not, why is that? Because it’s more than likely your prospects will ask how your experiences have been with said service / product. If you understand the true benefits through experience – then there’s no better sales pitch then the honest and transparent truth.

The world has put such a stain on salesmen over the years, and people who jump into the field think that they’re in it to make a quick easy commission check and move on to the next until the next job opportunity arises. That shouldn’t be the mentality at all. It’s quite simple and vastly rewarding to actually attempt to sustain longevity in a sales field. As long as you understand the core reasoning behind the product or service your organization offers. Why would you enter a career only to assume you will be on your way out soon? Make the mental shift to dedicate yourself to the opportunity you’ve been given. Learn and educate yourself about the platform you’re standing on, invest your time and efforts into understanding what types of people need this product or service, and then begin ‘helping’ prospects by solving their problems.


It’s all mentality. It’s all self education. It’s all about giving to others. If you can successfully develop these habits and this particular mind frame, you can become the most successful salesman the world has ever seen.

Are you ready?

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