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Working with Rose Garden Consulting has been eye opening for me and my business...After dealing with Ali, I understand just how high the skill ceiling truly is and I cannot recommend him enough...


Since working with Rose Garden Consulting, I've closed more deals in two weeks than I typically close in a month...If you are looking to increase revenue or improve your sales processes, Rose Garden Consulting is THE place to go.


Ali is a highly driven individual, very competent, listens carefully to one’s concerns and addresses them with diligence. He's truly a good mentor. A leader to watch out for.

Patrick and Mike

Working with Ali and the team at Rose Garden Consulting has been a true pleasure...Ali has demystified how sales are made and broken it down to a fundamental level which will allow us to reach our long-term goals. Very excited to implement Ali's program and continue working with Rose Garden Consulting for many years to come.


Ali was gracious enough to lend his time imparting sales advice on me. As a relative newcomer to a sales role, the candid nature of Ali's advice helped to drive home the message.He has provided me some invaluable tips that I am putting to good use.


Ali is incredibly detail-oriented and not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get to work. I particularly enjoyed Ali's approach to "diagnosing" the problem and better understanding how I could improve both my sales process and the end result...I know a GREAT trainer is worth their weight in gold. Ali is definitely one of the few out there. Don't miss this opportunity.

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— Ali Mirza, President