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Tech Stack Development

Tech Stack Development

A tech stack is the strategic set of software tools employed to maximize rep time and efforts.

These start with CRM and work their way down to email signature applications, and everywhere in between. The major categories we focus and advise on are;

  • Engagement (CRM, Email, Phone, Video, Chat, SMS, Social, etc)
  • Productivity and Enablement (Content, Contract, Appointment/Meetings, Gamification, etc)
  • Sales Intelligence (ABM, Database enrichment, Company Intelligence, Buyer Insights, Social Prospecting)
  • Pipeline and Analytics (Forecasting, Pipeline Management , Predictive Analytics, Visualization, Interaction, Revenue Optimization)
  • People Management (Onboarding, Training, Coaching, Commission, Quota Management)

We offer in-depth advice on how best to scale your tech stack one pieces at a time, helping you decide when you strategically should invest in a tool for maximum effectiveness for your team and sales. Not all tools are necessary from Day 1 and not all tools are created equally. It is important to match your tech stack to your team and stage of growth so that you’re not spending too much money, but you’re also not asking too much of your reps.

In an ever-evolving world, with new software tools coming online every day, the difference in tooling can impact while teams win and which teams are left behind. The right took stack allows you to deliver world class services to your clients and strengthen your B2B sales processes.