Develop leaders who direct their teams and drive remarkable results

Discover what’s preventing each member of your sales team from producing more

The most effective sales teams are led by strong leaders. They set the tone and keep the team focused on winning. So we provide you with key insight needed to coach team members individually, based on each person’s strengths and motivations. Once you have this information, you can apply it to improve team functionality, sales effectiveness and employee productivity, as well as to your hiring practices.  

Create an engaged, high-performing team with less wasted time and effort

Reduce sales hire failures/increase success rate

Reduce sales hire ramp-up time

Never hire the wrong person for the wrong role again

How the sales leadership assessment works

We begin by conducting a combination of assessments on your salespeople and sales leaders. Once we have everyone's scores, results are presented in a workshop to your sales leaders (may include the CEO in smaller organizations). Based on each team member’s challenges, we then use the assessments to break down their issues and how to best coach or  train that person. Additionally, you get insights on if someone is the right person for their role based on the sales cycle, process, etc.

In addition to individualized sales reps reports and a team analysis, you receive a post-workshop accountability report and a post-workshop accountability call.

Our Results

The best way to prove how well our assessments work for creating high-performing sales teams is by letting our clients tell you about their results.

Nate Andorsky
Co-Founder + CEO
Creative Science

The team at RGC was absolutely phenomenal. Since working with them, our average deal size has gone up over 54%."

Justin Overstreet
VP of Sales
Linux Academy

"It's been an amazing transformation, a fantastic relationship - one that we intend to continue for many years to come."

Michael Mogill
Founder + CEO
Crisp Video

"Let the record state that 99.9% of people in sales are full of S**T. And Ali Mirza is in that 0.1% who is not."

Our Process

When it comes to doing sales team assessments, consulting companies have repeatedly implemented the same tired process time and again. And, quite frankly, it’s led to standards that are too low to drive change. 

Our approach is not only different, we use an exclusive 4-step process that produces measurable results for your company. In fact, not only do you see measurable revenue growth, you’re left with the know-how and resources needed to keep growing. 


Conative Assessment

We begin by uncovering how everyone on your sales team best solves problems. This serves as the foundation for what we do because it helps identify and explain what drives success for everyone on your team. This understanding then leads to determining each individual’s instinctive strengths.


Affective Assessment

This is where we uncover unconscious motivators. These motivations (there are 72 combinations) are the basis for why you do what you do, say what you say, and think what you think. With this knowledge, you can change habitual behavioral patterns and operate at what’s called “best self.” This is the key to enhancing productivity and performance.



One we compile your team’s assessment results, we deliver them to you in a workshop format. You hear how you can recover lost productivity, correct poor communication, optimize effective leadership and much more — all based on what’s revealed in the assessments. All this can happen because we don’t just identify the problems impacting your team, we fix each issue by addressing the root causes of these destructive forces.


Post-Workshop Report and Call

Our relationship with you continues even after your workshop. After all, making adjustments within your sales organization isn’t always a smooth process. So we stay with you to help ensure you overcome any hurdles during the implementation process. You receive a post-workshop report and we get on a call to further guide you and make sure you have the infrastructure in place to see sustained success.

Change your approach and you change your results

Our goal is to help you create a high-powered, efficient sales team that works together to close more deals. As a result, you must be open to adjusting existing processes and even the people you have in place right now.

This doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Instead, we show you what can be done right away to create an engaged team that operates with less wasted time and effort. At the same time, you’re able to develop adaptable leaders who drive results.

The reality is, even if you have a successful sales team, you have opportunities for improving performance that you can’t see. You’re inside the business every day. So you’re just too close to see what’s possible. This is why clients bring us in to uncover the potential that’s hidden inside their sales teams. 

If you’re accepted to receive one of our team assessments, your satisfaction is, of course, guaranteed. You’ll see a measurable improvement in your sales team and leadership. In fact, if you’re not satisfied with the growth you see within your sales organization — both from an efficiency and revenue perspective — let us know and we’ll rush you a full refund. 

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