Our 30,000ft view of Revenue Generation

We don't view sales as operating in a vacuum, where ‘sales’ only pertains to things like closing techniques, phone skills, or negotiating deals. We take a holistic and systematic approach to sales, seeing it as a complex ecosystem of people, motivations, and processes that should all work together to produce a consistent outcome. 

That starts at the headwaters of rep hiring profiles and ideal client lead generation. This flows down through the qualification and discovery process using question-based selling and effective follow-up techniques at scale. This can and often does involve social selling, virtual sales, and a tech stack enhancement that allows the execution of inside sales at scale. 

All of these activities are influenced by the strategic compensation structure and incentives to push individual and team performance to the maximum.

The underlying current of all these factors is a strong sales culture. The culture of a sales organization can be powerful enough to make a middle of the road rep and push them into competition for a top spot each month. It can also take a top-performing rep and push them to their next level by the sheer fact that other strong reps are nipping at their heels. Culture is the secret sauce of making good sales organizations, great sales organizations and the difference between 100% quota attainment and 140% quota attainment for the team. 

Given how complex a sales system is, we are looking to diagnose and fully understand companies’ unique challenges so that we can help provide a series of corrective measures. We need to first pull back the curtain on all of these factors and dive into each of them, looking for what is working, what isn't working, and what unknowns are currently being covered up or avoided that we haven't begun to deal with yet. 

The Rose Garden Assessment

A Sales Assessment is our process of looking into each of the factors described above.
This is the pre-work phase where we gather vital information about your company, products/services, people, performance, and more, through our extensive survey.
Our team, armed with the knowledge learned from Phase One, spends 1-day onsite with your sales leadership taking a deep dive into the areas and going through an exhaustive checklist of questions and areas to probe. We speak with your team and your clients to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
Through our assessment process we generate thorough and detailed report for you of all of our findings. The end result is a Revenue Road Map, a complete guide to scaling your business and improving revenue generation.

30% of our clients engage with us on an assessment only basis. Utilizing Rose Garden to perform a rigorous assessment, and provide a tactical Revenue Road Map for them to execute in the upcoming 9-18 months. These typically tend to be companies run by a highly passionate, involved, and tactical founders/CEOs. They love to have their hands in their business day-to-day but need an outside perspective to help set the strategic vision and growth path for the coming months.

We work with a number of these leaders who use Rose Garden every other year to help them again, set that next path forward for revenue growth. We are typically able to help provide a few key pieces of advice and insight that help relieve some pain immediately. These all tend to be very tactical items like removing points of friction within their sales process, advice on tech stack solutions to enable their team, even guidance on compensation or hiring plans for their teams.

Rose Garden Connections


For the majority of our clients, Rose Garden serves as not only the advisor, providing insights and co-designing the path forward with them, we also serve as a critical resource in the execution of the strategic plan we call the Revenue Road Map.

Serving as advisor, project manager, and project owner, Rose Garden Consulting handles all facets of the systemic change to your revenue generation process. This is where Rose Garden truly stands apart from the rest of the industry, taking ownership and responsibility for the implementation and success of the strategic plan we build.

Are you ready?
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