If your company is struggling to make sales, it might be time for you to consider working with a sales consultation service. Hiring a sales consultant can bring your team out of a plateau or decline.

However, you need to do your research before you form this type of relationship.

What are you selling? If you’re selling SaaS or other services, you need to work with a sales consultant that specializes in this.

There is a big difference between selling products and selling services. So you can’t assume that a consultant who specializes in product sales will also be able to help your service-based company.

Here’s an analogy. Would you hire a manager to oversee 200 employees in a Fortune 500 company if they are currently managing a local restaurant with 10 employees?

Just because they are a manager, it doesn’t qualify them for any management position. The roles are very different in these two scenarios.

The same concept can be applied to sales consulting. You need to find a consultant who knows how to sell services, as opposed to just products.

In this guide, I’ll explain some tips you need to know about selling services. A qualified sales consultant will know how to apply these to your service-based business.

Describe Your Service

The key to selling a service is being able to communicate exactly what you do to a prospect.

With a product, this can be easier because the prospect can see the product itself and half the work is done. But this requires a little bit more finesse when you’re selling a service and the prospect can’t touch, kick or feel it.

Here’s a very straightforward example that’s easy to follow. Selling basketball is different than selling basketball coaching service. Basketball is a tangible product that can easily be described based on things like its size, but this requires a little bit more finesse when you’re selling a service; not to mention the fact that they can see it.

But describing a coaching service is different. You’re not selling a physical coach, so the service shouldn’t be described that way. Instead, you need to explain how the service works.

Let me give you another example that will be a bit more relatable for some of you.

If you sell online marketing services, there is no tangible product. It can be challenging for you to describe that service to a lead if they don’t have any experience working with an online marketing company.

Rather than describing yourself as a marketer, you need to become the product. Describe SEO, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, and email marketing. This message needs to be clearly conveyed to the prospective customer.

Leverage Social Proof

Services are intangible. Since your service can’t be seen or touched, your company needs to come up with other ways to explain the value of your offer.

Just telling a prospect that your service can help them or make their life easier doesn’t mean anything to them. You need to prove it.

Storytelling, customer testimonials, and case studies are all great ways to accomplish this.

If you can explain how your service helped other people, then your prospects will be more inclined to buy. This is a strategy that we use here at Rose Garden Consulting. We have a case study landing page on our website describing exactly how we help our customers.

Be specific. If you’re vague and say something like “we help companies make more money” then it doesn’t actually prove anything. What does “more money” really mean?

But if you can say something like, we brought HH Land Development from $4.3 million in annual revenue to $14.9 million annual revenue less than 3 years, then it speaks volumes to your prospects.

Not every customer will be comfortable letting you use personal information like annual revenue in a case study. That’s OK. You can still get those people to provide customer testimonials. They can say something along the lines of your service increased productivity or made a positive impact on their lives.

Let your social proof do the talking for you. To get more information contact us.

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