The Rose Garden Assessment
Identifying problem areas and creating a course of action for new and continued sales growth.
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Charting the right course to sales breakthroughs

We bring a unique ability to identify the gaps preventing continued growth. This is done through our sales assessment. Developed and honed during thousands of hours digging companies out of deficits, it uncovers problem areas and helps determine a plan for making improvements. Each assessment is as much of a “what to avoid” as it is a “what to do.” Because the insight it uncovers is key to avoiding mistakes that can end up costing more in the long run. Through each assessment, we’re also able to identify the challenges impacting the performance of an organization’s sales team.

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How to know when you would benefit from a sales assessment

Flat growth is the most obvious sign there’s a system or structure problem within a sales team. Missed quotas and inaccurate forecasts are two other red flags. These problems get especially frustrating when organizations lose more deals than they should.This is what makes our sales assessment such a valuable resource. It pinpoints problem areas and provides an accurate diagnosis of underperforming resources within sales departments. Here are a few other common issues that can signal problems:

- The sales leader gets pulled into every deal.
- The sales and marketing team fight about leads, qualification and follow-up.
- The sales leader is not the right person for the role.
- The VP of sales recently left the company.

How the sales assessment works

During each assessment, a series of “tests” are performed to assess the health of a company’s sales systems. These happen online and at clients’ locations during the onsite portion of the process.The assessment is designed to be difficult. Most clients do not have answers to everything we request. In fact, just the initial questionnaire requires responses to 100+ questions about team, culture, incentives and more. We also analyze sales data and call recordings.Then, following an onsite assessment, clients receive a report of our findings and analysis. This highlights some strengths, but mostly details areas that require attention. We review these areas of concern in a meeting with the leadership team and have follow-up sessions to address new concerns.

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