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In this book, Ali goes beyond the traditional, outdated sales methodologies that are ridged in their speech, with little connection to the client’s experience. His strengths are highlighted in his ability to train salespeople in “conversation methodology”, which is a far more effective means of conveying product value and company trust. In this book, he outlines this methodology in a clear and easy to understand manner.

So, what exactly is “Conversational Selling”?

Well, consider this. If someone walked up to you and asked you about your solution, what would you tell them? What is it that you’re really communicating? Without engaging in a lengthy conversation, how do you convey the value of your solution? What are the advantages of doing business with you, as opposed to someone else? Can you do this without sounding like an animated sales pamphlet?

Clearly communicating these essential points in a compelling manner will make all the difference between your prospect storing your sales pitch in the back of their mind or thinking about how they will be working with your solution.

Reading this book and learning about the conversation methodology allows you to capitalise on your own knowledge and understanding of what clients need and how to effectively direct a potential client towards a sale. Pre-order today to reserve your very own copy of “Conversational Selling”.


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