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Process Development

Sales Process Development

The sales process refers to a repeatable set of steps your sales team takes with a prospect to move them from a potential customer, to a happy (and paying) customer.

A good sales process helps your reps consistently close deals by giving them a systematic framework to follow. Building a repeatable, scalable sales process can be tough. A sales process should address; account lead flow and distribution methods, team structure, scripts, tech stack, playbook, deal stages, demo timing, price quoting, and many other critical factors that play into making a sale.

We approach the creation of a sales process holistically. We don’t believe in band aid fixes or changing one piece of a sales process without accounting for it in other places. It is an entire sales ‘system’ that requires changes on all key areas to make sure there are no unintended consequences. We’ve pulled together an introduction to all things “sales process” to help you get started down the road toward defining what your company’s ideal sales process should look like.

Companies with a strong sales process, build in a larger margin for error for their company + reps, but rarely need it.