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Our Process


Introductory Call

A simple shift in your focus can immediately drive your business forward. So why waste time with a basic get-to-know-you chit chat? We would rather focus on the details of your sales process and any potential issues. The truth is, if your money is green and you have amenable decision-makers, we’ll work with you.First, though, we need to discuss your goals and biggest challenges. Once we have this information, we’ll explain what we can and can’t do. You then have to decide if you want to move forward with the next step.


Discovery Session

To understand your business, we need to examine it piece by piece. This reverse engineering will help us see how you work. We will evaluate your available technology, sales strategy, and customer relationship management.Your business is like a body, and we’re going to put it on the operating table. So be ready to answer several uncomfortable questions. We’ll slice open your business, look at the internal workings and identify the “cancers” preventing your growth. You can then either take your own action on our advice, or we can begin developing your Profit Assessment.


Profit Assessment

This step is so critical we come to your office to complete it. Through an intensive whiteboarding strategy, we uncover overlooked leverage points. Because let’s face the facts -- you grow numb to problems you see every day.You also cannot rest on laurels. Just because you did something a certain way and it worked, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution. You need to look at all the possibilities for improving your sales methodology. Adding our perspective allows you to compare your approach against a true barometer of success.


Growth Plan

Up until this point, we’ve kept our hands pretty clean. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dive deep into the mud with you. You see, we develop your Growth Plan based on findings from your Profit Assessment.You receive a detailed and documented report exposing everywhere change is needed, as well as the actions you should take right now. Think of your Growth Plan as a roadmap directing your sales department to the profits your business should be making.


Active Implementation

At this stage of the game, you have a complete playbook and process to propel your business forward. So don’t just look at it -- take action! We can’t do everything for you. But we can hold your hand along the way, so you avoid mistakes.In fact, we come back to your office for an onsite implementation to transition you to your new processes. After that, you get ongoing support, so you have every resource you need to become our next case study.


Systematic Sales

You can either compete in your industry or you can dominate it. We put you in a position to do the latter. So you end up influencing and controlling your competition -- and everyone knows your name.Once you hit this final step, you’re no longer playing in your market -- you’re making the rules. And we’ll continue with process adjustments when needed, ensuring you keep your commanding position on top.

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