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Whilst having an open conversation about measurables, don’t ever fold your hand and give away the answers. First of all, it’s unlikely you have it. And number two, even if you do know the answers, and you give it to them, they’re never going to learn. You need them to arrive upon this conclusion on their own. They need to understand the process from being able to go from not on track – to actually being able to hit targets. This will allow them to internalize an appropriate strategy so that the next time when they’re off track, they know how to course correct themselves. As leaders of an organization – you cannot just come in and fix it for them every single time.

Make sure you drill down and continue to ask question after question after question. Get very granular on what the next step, what the next action will be. Do not allow them to be nebulous or subjective.

“I just have to work harder.”

“I just have to try.”

“Let me go think about it.”

“Let me figure something out.”

Those are not answers. They need to come to you tactically and explain. These are the actions I’m going to take. I’m going to sit down with my team. We’re going to talk about X, Y and Z.

“Whatever the challenges are, solutions must be provided. That is what the outcome of this conversation will be. And these are the activities that we’re going to then produce to hit this target.”


Say those words, make sure they write it down. That’s what you’re going to begin the conversation with. When you say this, it’s going to empower them, that’s going to allow them to verbalize their own actions. Therefore, they will then take control over their actions. They’re actually going to want to do it. If you do not have these difficult conversations with your sales leader, you are putting feelings ahead of making progress. So the only question you really have to ask yourself is, do you want to have a difficult conversation and hit targets? Or would you rather avoid that and let feelings get in the way of making true progress?

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