The Problem

Linux Academy sought to increase leads and boost revenue, but their efforts were stagnant. They relied solely on inbound leads and lacked a systemized sales process.

Our Solution

An extensive assessment process and a program tailored to their needs, from management to sales.

The Result

Annual recurring revenue increased from $5.2MM to $12MM.

About Linux Academy

Industry: Online Cloud Training (SaaS)
Location: Dallas, Texas
Size: 50 – 70 Employees

Linux Academy, the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community, was founded on the belief that providing high-quality, in-depth training should be available at an affordable price. An industry leader in quality training, services, and student certification, their goal is to change lives by teaching Linux and cloud technology to the tens of thousands of students that learn at the Linux Academy.

The Challenge

Linux Academy had two big challenges. The first was the absence of a systematized process. Sales team members were engaged in different activities, some beneficial, some not. Work was extremely inefficient with lots of backtracking and duplicated efforts. And they didn’t have a systematized way of selling when engaging with a prospect. Their demos were reactive and pitch heavy and there was little understanding of the client’s needs.

The second challenge was the lack of an outbound sales strategy. Linux Academy depended solely on inbound leads, making their entire sales approach reactive.

Our Solution

We implemented a number of solutions to help Linux increase sales. We began by creating a systematized, uniform process. This got the entire sales team on the same page and created a local language. In addition, the systemized process gave everyone a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. All of this resulted in an exponential increase in sales activity efficiency.

Our second major task was honing the scripts and conversations used for sales calls. Before Rose Garden, the sales calls involved a lot of pitching and selling, but lacked fact-finding, question-asking, and uncovering the needs of the prospect. Rose Garden helped position Linux Academy in a better framework.

This new framework allowed Linux Academy to better understand client needs and adjust their sales strategy to meet those needs rather than use pushy sales tactics.

The creation of a repeatable and scalable outbound sales process that was easy to follow and validate helped Linux diversify their lead gen efforts, take a proactive approach to new business, and specifically target ideal personas.

The Results

Linux Academy saw tremendous results from the process implemented by Rose Garden. Annual recurring revenue for 2016 was $5.2MM. Linux Academy finished 2017 with just over $12MM in annual recurring revenue. With a new outbound sales process, Linux Academy closed their largest deal to-date with a Fortune 500 financial institution, a $400,000 annual account. Ultimately, they have a repeatable, systematized process for sales and lead gen to support their revenue goals.

Annual Recurring Revenue

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