The Problem

  • Finding a results-driven expert to take sales off CEO’s plate
  • Building and growing the organization’s sales team
  • Growing revenue in times of Covid-19

Our Solution

  • #1 Sales Growth leader in America to build their sales team and run the sales department
  • Sustainable sales growth system to empower sales team and drive sales
  • Sales positioning statement based on buyers’ purchasing motivation

The Result

  • 12.5% increase in annual revenue growth
  • 500% increase in the organization’s average deal size


The Challenge

Finding a sales leader who knows how to sell

This client, a marketing video production company, excelled at helping ambitious law firm owners generate massive growth by leveraging video marketing. Their clients get world-class legal videos, unmatched digital marketing advice, and the best coaching in the legal industry.

The organization was in a tricky position when Covid-19 hit and had to postpone their annual conference, which, the previous year, brought in over 8-figures of revenue. On top of that, the client made a massive real estate investment and started building their new training center, all during pandemic heights.

Not only was the company going through a lot, but their founder had too much on his plate. “We were trying to scale our sales team, but even then, it was still largely dependent upon me to do a lot of the selling,” he explained.

He couldn’t get out of the day-to-day selling and focus on being the CEO, which his company needed. “As a CEO, I had to step up and work with various departments as a whole. I had to make sure our clients were supported and that we continued to invest in our future,” he said.

After years of looking for a suitable sales leader to replace him, it became his biggest frustration. “I was struggling to find the right person who has been there before and also knows how to sell. I felt like I was the only one who had deep sales leadership knowledge,” he explains.

When he finally found a sales director with strong credentials, he asked for Rose Garden Founder & CEO, Ali Mirza’s feedback. The CEO of the client company and Ali knew each other from an entrepreneurship group, and as he recalls, “Ali was the sales guru in that group.”

Ali advised the client not to hire the candidate, but the client did anyway. Three months later, the client fired him because it didn’t work out. The next thing the client did was call Ali: “Listen, I’ve been wrong enough times. It’s time we did this thing right—together.”

Ali helped the client even before they started working together. He wasn’t charging him for it; he was just helpful. That kind of value led client company to work with Rose Garden.

Our Solution

Growth sales strategy and unparalleled expert advice

From day one, Ali went in and analyzed the client’s sales team performance. He came up with a sales strategy to hit targets and pointed out where they were leaving money on the table.

But as the client explains, it’s everything Ali did that made working with Rose Garden the best decision ever, such as:


Having a winning mindset

When Covid-19 hit, the client was trying to figure out how to evolve and continue to move its business forward. Ali created a tighter team structure, and empowered the sales team to stay proactive, focus on their goals, and be more accountable. “Between Covid-19 and everything else, Ali’s winning mindset is what we needed to move forward and scale our business,” the client said.


Thinking about the bigger picture

Rose Garden’s approach is based on behavioral economics—understanding what motivates buyers and sellers. Ali’s main focus was not closing sales—he would learn about each prospect, understand their needs, and ensure they have the best experience.


Leading by example

In September 2020, the client had to get a high number of attendees for its online bootcamp. Ali turned the sales team into a call center for a week and worked right beside them. It’s this sort of dedication that sets Rose Garden apart, giving business leaders the confidence that their teams will dominate sales.


Showing unique commitment

Before Rose Garden, the client had worked with sales leaders who found excuses when they underperformed. According to him, “other sales leaders always needed more time, more resources, or thought our goals were unrealistic.” Not Ali. He did what it takes to close deals and deliver value to the organization.

In November 2020, Ali was on a plane almost every other day, traveling all across the country to meet with prospective clients. “Ali wasn’t just calling prospects. He would get on a plane, bring the proposal, take them out to dinner—the whole thing. That’s the kind of commitment he has.”


Taking care of selling

By taking the sales off his mind, Ali empowered the client to be a more confident leader. “Ali always told me to remain focused on my CEO duties and not worry about sales. That helped me free up my mind and keep my focus on the big picture.”


Delivering results

With Ali on his side, the client finally got what he wanted. “I was no longer worried that with me out of the sales department, things would fall through the cracks and we might stop converting opportunities. Ali was able to handle all sales effectively,” he says.

Ali Mirza came in as the organization’s sales leader, enabling its CEO to focus on building his business and continue investing in the company’s future, even during a global pandemic.

The Results

Highest annual revenue in company history during a global pandemic

The client company thought 2020 could potentially be a down year in terms of revenue. But thanks to Rose Garden, it ended up being their best: 8-figures in revenue—a 12.5% increase from the year before.

After only 4 months working with Ali, the organization’s average deal size increased by 500%.

For the client, partnering with Rose Garden was a no-brainer. “Ali is a workhouse: he closed millions of dollars in revenue, single-handedly.”

That’s not it. Rose Garden’s unrivaled sales expertise and work ethic empowered the client company’s CEO to take on new challenges and unlock growth opportunities. “Ali’s focused on building strong relationships, which led to new deals. That reinforced my confidence to continue investing in hiring, infrastructure, marketing, and other things that help us scale.”

average deal size increase

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