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Legal Video Group

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Linux Academy

Linux Academy wanted to increase new leads and drive revenue but had not been able to move the needle.

Rose Garden led an extensive assessment process to identify the problems holding them back and built a tailored program to help Linux Academy achieve success.

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Creative Science Labs

Creative Science Labs was functionally lost and seeking a better understanding of what their sales process should look like.

Year over year they were repeating the same revenue number without much of any growth.

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HOF Logistics

HOF Logistics was interested in expanding themselves into the broader market by securing large corporate transportation contracts.

Previously, HOF Logistics had been contracted out by other logistics firms but later felt that they had the bandwidth to deal with corporate clients directly.

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HH Land Developments

HH Land Developments was a small company in a market where only 5% of the population could afford a home over $400k. Their annual revenue for 2011 was roughly $4.3MM, well below company expectations.

The company’s reputation was impeccable, but they were not seeing results from their reputation alone.

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