Overcoming Objections Lesson 1

Overcoming Objections Lesson 1

Overcoming objections can be the most difficult part of any salesperson’s job. One common objection is “Let me think it over” or, “Let me get back to you”. This can be one of the most difficult objections to tackle.

One simple piece of advice for this objection would be to ask questions:

  • “Sounds great, what do you think the obstacle is here?”
  • “What do you think the risk is here?”

The customer is worried typically about whether or not the product or service you’re trying to sell to them is worth their time and money. They need to feel that your product is a worthwhile investment in order to make the purchase. Your job is to ask questions so you can alleviate the risk and apprehension towards buying and prove that your product is “worth it”.

How Do You Alleviate Risk?

Here are some examples of things you can do to alleviate any reluctance that your client may have:

  • Make the client believe in you.
  • Make the client believe that they’ll actually achieve the eventual results that you promise them.
  • Make the client believe that the product or service will perform as described.
  • Make the client believe your company is a good company to do business with.

Talk about their fears and answer their questions openly, and maybe they might realize they don’t need to think it over. If you can answer the above questions through your conversation with them, you’ll have alleviated a lot of their buying fears, helping them make their decision easier.

Now that you’ve handled the objections it’s important to get through the final stretch of the deal and get the sale. 

Happy sales!