Multiply Your Sales Through Others: Build A Sales Team

Multiply Your Sales Through Others: Build A Sales Team

Entrepreneurs often struggle with sales.

They either do not know how to sell themselves or are unaware of how to manage salespeople and build a successful sales team. These scenarios can serve to be problematic for entrepreneurs as sales are essentially the lifeblood of some businesses.

When creating a successful sales team and process, you must first and foremost fully involve yourself by engaging in the sales cycle. See the ebbs and flows to fully understand what’s needed. Once involving yourself in the sales cycle, you train and develop a team that understands the challenges and requirements.

When building a successful sales team, identify your current clients and your prospective clients and assets – then comprehend what type of individual they would want to meet with. This will help narrow down your list on which individuals you are willing to hire. A non-tangible factor to look for in a prospective employee is empathy, along with someone who is teachable. If your employee lacks empathy, then they won’t care about your clients as it is something that cannot be taught. And if they are unteachable then they have no chance of taking your company to new heights.

Entrepreneurs should be asking themselves a few questions

  • Would I buy from this person?
  • What leads me to believe that this person will be as successful or more successful as me in selling my solution?
  • How can I nurture this person to achieve their full potential?

The individual you hire must have the necessary drive and passion for selling and or experience.

Entrepreneur Success

To be successful in sales, you need to be somewhat of a self-starter as oftentimes salespeople get a lot of autonomy. Have the internal motivation needed to close deals and motivation can be for money or simply recognition. Some salespeople are notorious for running around in circles and never closing deals. Make sure your salespeople are also closing deals and collecting checks.

Once you have selected the right individual it’s important to train them properly. Many people fell backwards into sales and never received and formal training. A lot of them succeed from sheer determination. Once they have the determination coupled with the training they can become an excellent salesperson. Sales training will incorporate a variety of sales techniques and methods that can be used in everyday sales situations.