Book Review: The Power of a Habit

Book Review: The Power of a Habit

Recently I read a phenomenal book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.

This book was a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about success and changing their sales habits. This is the kind of book that inspires you to self-reflect on habits and behaviors and how they affect your life. It can serve as a great catalyst for change in the new year.

Key Takeaways

The book explains how habits emerge outside our consciousness, gradually and without our permission. That alone was a good revelation if we aren’t careful we can begin engaging in a habit that’s halting our success in sales and life. For example, one can start slowly browsing social media while at work. What started as 15 minutes in January can be up two hours in July. Before you know it, it becomes a habit to log onto social media the first thing you do when you arrive in the morning, before even attempting to do any work. This would be an example of a habit that’s detrimental to your success. There are also sales habits we can get into, which are basically bad techniques that have emerged over time without any real awareness of the detrimental effects.

The Habit Loop

The book also goes in depth into the “Habit Loop”, which is basically a description for how habits emerge. Habits start with a cue, which is followed by a routine, then is reinforced with a reward. The repetition builds an anticipation and craving for the reward. This can be applied to many mindless activities in our daily life which serve no real purpose but to waste time. This part reminds me of addictive behavior, and the book outlines key differences between the two. One of the most valuable parts of the book is the explanation of how habits can be changed by removing cues that trigger the routine or replacing a bad routine with a good one.


The book also talks about how willpower is a learnable skill which can be taught. I believe willpower is like a muscle, and the more you flex it the stronger it gets, yet the more you cave in the weaker it gets. The overall lesson of the book is the key to changing habits is awareness, as once you’re aware of your habits this is the first step towards change. You can then identify whether the habit is harming or helping your life and success.

Overall, this book was a very informative and interesting read. The best part is that each chapter is an actual case study of a business that has adapted these techniques within, and it shows the real-life benefits. This is the first book I suggest any sales professional read if they want success. It can really transform your life as our habits can make up a lot of time in our day, time that could be otherwise used making money.

This book can be purchased on Amazon here: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business