5 Steps to Closing a Deal

5 Steps to Closing a Deal

After weeks of talking over the phone and email, you’ve finally gotten a potential client to agree to meet for a sales pitch. While having a great product or service is very important, it’s almost more important to have a great pitch. Here are 5 ways to ensure that you not only sell your product but also the idea behind it.

Have a Client-Personalized Approach

If you’re selling a product then you’ve already been sold on said product. It is important, however, to remember that the client you’re trying to sell to might not see the necessity in buying your product. This is why it’s important to have a sale approach tailored to the client. Make sure that you engage the client and make them feel like they’re actually a part of the sales process.

 Gather Information

This step is very crucial because without knowing what the client wants or needs then you can’t offer a proper solution to their problem. Ask as many questions as you can without sounding annoying or uninformed. By doing this you both you and the client know that your solution is going to be specialized towards them.

Create a Dynamic Yet Effective Presentation

Having an effective presentation is key for any sales pitch because it creates an image to go along with the idea that you’re trying to sell. Don’t just use some boring slide deck with graphs and number. Instead, create a dynamic and engaging presentation while telling only the information vital to the sales pitch.

Address Any Potential Objectives

Very rarely are you going to go into a sales pitch where the potential client already wants to buy your product. The whole point of sales pitches is for the client to decide if your product can satisfy the need that the client has. Expect a lot of questions and objections to come from the client. Also, don’t take offence if the client is asking a lot of questions because they just don’t want to waste their money!

 Close the Deal

Now that you’ve presented your product and answered any questions that the client may have it’s finally time to do what you met for in the first place, to close the deal. Just because you might be having an engaging discussion about your product with the customer doesn’t mean that they’re sold and ready to buy. Be sure to display confidence without coming off as arrogant because one wrong move and the entire deal could fall through.

Now that you have the necessary steps needed to close a deal you show the world why your product or service is great and why it will be beneficial to buy it!