The most logical approach to hiring new salespeople is to first make sure you have a transparent checklist of the people within your organization.

You must develop a long laundry list of things people can and cannot do. As an organization, you must be sure that they are aware of their pros and cons. This tactic will allow them to be self aware of their own limitations, thus allowing you to understand where people fail, and where they succeed the most.

Only then will you know who you need to bring into your organization, and what pieces need to be present for new hires to succeed.

If you believe people can do everything, then you my friend have many blindspots. First define your strategy before you start looking for new salespeople. Otherwise it’s just going to be the blind leading the blind. By the standards of human nature, we must understand that people are lazy, people aren’t productive, people are reactive. Being in the sales sector of the world, these things are extremely important to understand and consider when building a sales team within your organization.

So if you don’t have a defined strategy and you don’t know who it is that you’re looking for, you’re going to end up with the wrong individual.

When you finally feel like you’ve actually found the right individual, let them create their own rep. That way there is accountability and ownership. It’s then your responsibility to vet their work each step of the way until the set expectations are met.

Many times individuals will provide an amazing interview experience, and then follow up with poor habits that gradually uncover their work ethic and ability to deliver at the organization’s standards. And so we get asked, under what parameters will this trap occur?

What you don’t want is for them to miss their rent and then come up with the best excuse after the fact saying, oh, I assumed that I would have X, Y, Z resources. I assumed that marketing would be doing this. I assumed ‘this or that.’ You don’t want to leave it up to chance, get them to define their rep, and get them to define what parameters they need set up for this to be true?

Make sure you stay diligent to your hiring process. Don’t exclusively rely on previous experience.

Make sure you come up with the strategy, and a proper rep is defined. Hiring a bad salesperson is easy – it’s finding the diamonds in the rough that take planning and time.

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