Hiring and Onboarding

How to secure the best talent

Hiring and onboarding is a strategic path each new rep takes to optimize their time-to-value at your company. You want to recruit skilled candidates who learn fast and that can fit with your company culture. What’s more, you want to ensure that they will stay for the long-term.

While hiring refers to recruiting new candidates and bringing them on, onboarding a new employee often involves training them for sales leads and ensuring that they fit well into your company. Find honest candidates that can pitch your products and services successfully.

Hiring is the single biggest source of overhead and cost for companies. It is also the biggest reason for success and scale at winning companies. Landing great talent and getting them up to speed quickly, and keeping them around, is the difference between good and great companies. You want the most motivational human resources managers that can pick out both the qualified applicants and the ones that can make your business grow.

The Hiring Process

What is your criteria for a qualified candidate, your ideal employee? Who do you want to stay for the long-term? How do you want your team members to interact together and separately in the field? Your hiring manager needs to know before they can make an informed decision.

You also want a system for talent acquisition. Are you going to go to job fairs? Post listings online? Or will you do one-on-one recruiting at college campuses and employment, to find out which candidate sells their qualifications best?

How good are you with transparency during recruiting and hiring? Candidates will dislike companies that mislead about job benefits, salary, or even if they can get parking during their interview. Engage in as much transparency as possible because lying during any part of the interview or recruiting process will hurt your reputation.

Avoid euphemisms such as “direct marketing” and admit that you seek sales representatives. That way you get employees that want to work in sales and will contribute. Keeping away from euphemisms will also mean that candidates will not associate your company with pyramid schemes. Honesty is a commodity that will take you a long way.

Consider your reputation on websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Disgruntled candidates will make their opinion clear. Always check the reviews of positions and interview experiences, and learn what you can do better. We can help you pinpoint problem areas and make improvements within the selection process.

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The Employee Onboarding Process

Our process helps identify key traits of high performing reps, training milestones and way markers in a reps time with the company. We use gamified training techniques for maximum information retention, to provide incentives to perform the best. Our proven structure guides sales managers through the process minimizing the potential for human error.

Successful onboarding is an ongoing process that will continue to change as your company grows. By consistently evaluating your sales onboarding program, you can maximize its positive effects on new hires. You can motivate your best candidates to stay and to improve the organization.

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Rose Garden Consulting can help you find the perfect recruiting process for your business. Waste no more time with recruiters that only want to fill spots and grab their commissions. Make the hiring process efficient without excluding qualified candidates.

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