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Coaching and Advisory

Sales Coaching and Advisory

Sales coaching focuses on helping reps develop the skills, knowledge, and use of strategies that improve sales results.

Developing and changing habits sometimes feels like it requires superhuman effort, but when built in conjunction with your onboarding process, the structure and expectations for both manager and rep to regularly meet, assess, and improve behaviors and skills creates a culture of growth mindset individuals.

It’s always harder to change direction when you’re already in motion, humans are resistant to change, but we advocate strongly for setting expectations of coaching as both a part of a reps daily or weekly practice as early as the job description and hiring calls. Followed up my a set of regularly scheduled coaching meetings all having an specific individual focus. That way a manager and rep both know what is expected and each are accountable to the advancement of skills and knowledge.

Sales coaches also help sellers draw connections between actions and goals in focused action plans. These action plans define both what sellers will and won’t do, allowing sellers to use their time most effectively and achieve the best results.