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Coaching and Advisory

Sales coaching focuses on helping your representatives develop the skills, knowledge, and use of strategies that improve sales results. These individuals also motivate sales reps to perform their best in the field, allocate their resources with need, and help them reach their fullest potential. 

Coaching provides guidance to help reps improve on what they do. The difference between a coach and a mentor is that any business professional can become a mentor, regardless of their skill. A coach is specialized in their motivation and thus they will provide better performance. Also, sales coaches by default need to have successful sales experience. 

The Coaching Process

Developing and changing habits sometimes feels like it requires superhuman effort. When built in conjunction with your onboarding process, however, the structure and expectations for both manager and rep are set. They regularly meet, assess, and improve behaviors and skills creates a culture of growth mindset individuals.

What does a good coach do? They engage in the five following principles:

Definition Of Goals And Strategies

You can’t just focus on the bottom line as a sales rep. You need measurable goals that you can measure in the long-term. That means knowing if you want to track all the leads that you receive. A good coach will help sales reps set these goals, and helpt

Execution Of Goals and Strategies

Actions speak louder than words. A sales coach will help their reps implement their plans to generate leads and close sales. That means developing better habits in the workplace, and reducing time spent avoiding difficult tasks. 


One employee sometimes cannot engage in a sales situation alone. They may need insight from an outsider expert. Coaching conversations would fall under advice for this, providing the direct and immediate information that a rep may need. 


You will only succeed in sales if you grow. That means learning to work with people, adjusting to selling new products and services, and finding meaning in your job. Coaches can identify if sales reps need to engage in training programs to increase certain skills. 


Sales can be draining on your employees. Your reps go out into the field, pitch, and secure agreements. Sometimes leads fail. Or potential clients have a bad day and make unreasonable demands. A coach believes in your reps, and will help them improve. 

Obstacles For Professional Development

It’s always harder to change direction when you’re already in motion. Humans are resistant to change, and tend to respond to advice negatively. We call this the backfire effect in psychology. 

All is not lost, however. The ideal coach can work past the backfire effect and inspire their team. We advocate strongly for setting expectations of coaching as both a part of reps daily or weekly practice as early as the job description and hiring calls. In addition, assert that critique is not criticism, and feedback will help reps, not judge them. 

Follow up with a set of regularly scheduled coaching meetings. Each meeting should have a specific individual focus. That way a manager and rep both know what is expected. Then each is accountable for the advancement of skills and knowledge.

Sales coaches also help sellers draw connections between actions and goals in focused action plans. These action plans define both what sellers will and won’t do. Sellers then have permission to use their time most effectively and achieve the best results.

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Teams don’t have to work alone. Neither do coaches. We can help pair coaches with your business, depending on fit and goals. Rose Garden Consulting values helping you find the right fit.

Reach out to get started with sales coach criteria. Business is a game of serious play, with heavy stakes. Let our advice and recommended coaches help you stay on the field.