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Case Studies

Creative Science Labs

Creative Science Labs was looking to understand what their sales process should look like. They were functionally lost.

Before: $35,000 Average deal size

After: $75,000 Average deal size

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HH Land Developments

HH Land Developments was a small company in an exclusive price point for the market. The average house built was priced over $900k.

Before: 4.3 MM in Annual Revenue

After: 14.9 MM in Annual Revenue

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HOF Logistics was a logistics firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. They were interested in expanding themselves into the broader market by securing large corporate transportation contracts.

38.4% increase in Revenue

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Linux Academy Case Study

Linux Academy was ultimately looking to increase their sales and get a firm understanding of how to create an outbound process to increase revenue.

Before: $5,200,000 Annual Recurring Revenue

After: $12,000,000 Annual Recurring Revenue

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