Do you want to generate more sales?

Who doesn’t? Obviously, every business owner on the planet will benefit from increasing their sales revenue. But this is usually easier said than done.

Sometimes overcoming a decline or plateau in sales requires a little extra assistance. Even companies who are seeing a steady growth might not be reaching their full potential.

Regardless of your current situation, you can turn to a sales management consultant as a valuable resource for your company.

For those of you who have never worked with a sales consultant before, you may not understand exactly how to proceed.

Is it worth it to hire a sales consultant? What does a sales consultant do? These are great questions, and I hear them all of the time when I’m meeting with business owners for the first time.

In short, a sales consultant analyzes a company’s position and helps them improve their sales process by taking advantages of opportunities within the market.

Working with a sales management consultant has tons of benefits. I’ve identified and explained the top benefits in this guide to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to add a consultant to your sales team.

Fresh Perspective

A sales management consultant brings a new set of eyes to your sales department and organization.

Sometimes, when you’re too close to a situation it can be challenging for you to identify any inefficiencies in your process. This is especially true if you’re the one who initially set up the processes that your sales team is using.

But an outside sales consultant brings an unbiased perspective to the table.

After analyzing your company, operation, and industry, they can quickly determine the areas that need the most improvement. A consultant will also help you identify the strengths of your sales team, which can be used for increasing your sales productivity.

Industry Knowledge

A great sales management consultant doesn’t just take a generic sales template and apply it to every company that they work with. There isn’t a one size fits all selling strategy that works for everyone.

Your sales consultant will take the time to learn about your industry. It’s likely that they’ve already worked with other companies in your niche or category in the past.

Once they have a firm grasp of your industry and market needs, they’ll help you create a customized sales playbook.

This resource will ultimately become the blueprint that your sales representatives will use to successfully close deals and make sales.


Sales Expertise

A sales consultant brings a level of expertise to your company that you can’t find from a salesperson or sales manager. Even an executive won’t have as much selling experience as a sales management consultant.

Think about it like this. What is the average number of sales jobs that your current staff has had? Maybe two or three?

There might be a couple of people who have worked with four or five different companies. While others have been working with your business for their entire sales career.

A sales management consultant works with multiple businesses on a daily basis. They work with dozens of companies throughout the year.

This means that your consultant has seen it all. They know how to respond to nearly any situation because they have the experience and track record to prove it.

Ask any prospective sales management consultant if they have success stories or case studies about the work that they’ve done in the past. This information will give you a deeper understanding of their sales expertise.

Lead Generation

Even if you have an outstanding sales team, your staff is only as good as the leads that they’re given.

Your sales department and marketing department can’t operate independently from each other. If there is a disconnection between these two components of your business, the quality of your leads will suffer.

A sales management consultant will assess your lead generation process. In doing so, the consultant will find ways to get a higher quantity of more qualified leads.

All of this will be outlined in your customized sales playbook, which we discussed earlier. Each lead will need to meet certain criteria before a salesperson pitches your products or services.

Ultimately, this will improve the performance of your sales team.

Increase Conversions

This piggybacks off of our last benefit. Once you’re able to get more qualified leads, your conversion rates will automatically increase.

But better leads aren’t the only way to drive higher conversions.

Every salesperson has certain tips and tricks that they use to close a sale. Some of these are more successful than others.

As I said before, a sales management consultant has worked with so many different companies throughout their career. This means that they’ve worked side by side with hundreds or even thousands of salespeople.

So a consultant will know which sales methods actually work. They can pass this insightful information to your staff to set them up for success.


I’ll often get asked why a company shouldn’t just hire a new employee instead of working with an outside sales management consultant.

In addition to all of the benefits that we already covered, a sales consultant is actually more cost-effective than a full-time in-house employee.

For a new hire, you’ll have to pay for training in addition to the payroll expenses and taxes associated with having an employee. You’ll also have to pay for benefits and vacation time.

You won’t have any of these costs associated with a sales management consultant.

Plus, work is scalable based on your needs. Depending on your current situation, you may not need 40+ hours per week of sales consulting services. Other times, you might need 60+ hours per week of consulting.

You may want to work with a consultant for specific projects. The flexibility you get with a consultant can’t be replicated with an in-house employee.

Final Thoughts

If you’re reading this guide, there is a good chance that you’ve been thinking about hiring a sales management consultant.

Now that you understand the benefits of working with a consultant, it’s time to find a company that can provide your business with everything you need to improve your sales department.

Here at Rose Garden, we offer a wide range of consulting services. So let us know more about your company and we’ll discuss your needs during a free consultation.

Are you ready?

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