Welcome to the Rose Garden!

Welcome to the Rose Garden!

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Welcome to the Rose Garden Sales Consulting blog!  As you’ll soon discover, this blog is full of awesome tips and techniques that you can leverage to improve your sales power.  In addition to our world-class sales consulting, this blog offers a ton of clever sales tricks for anyone in the world to use!

What We’re About…

Here at RGC, we offer a flavor of sales value that is second to none. We create a tailored sales process intended to bolster your sales force.

We are absolutely committed to delivering on our promise that we consider ourselves to be the best sales consultants in the world: we have a track record to show it, and we’re still going strong!

Who We Help…

Our past clients come in all shapes and sizes: we’ve worked with multi-million dollar corporations and small business owners alike.  Frankly, the only thing consistent about our past clients is our performance.  We’ve shown time and time again that no matter what your sales problems are, we can find a creative solution.

  • Are you strapped for time and in need of a passionate sales force? We’ll be in your corner.
  • Is your current sales team under performing? (Hint: the answer is yes) Let us empower them with world-class sales process development.


Who We Are…

We, the founding members of Rose Garden Consulting, have been supporting business owners for the past three years. Having moved to Atlanta from Canada, we’re excited to get involved with the local business community.

At RGC, we experience physical pain when we find a struggling business owner who has a phenomenal product or service, but is unable to sell it to the masses.

Let’s build a powerful partnership today and solve that problem.

As always, shoot me an email at [email protected] with any questions and follow me for great sales tips:

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Let's Establish A Relationship

We're committed to our clients.

We're committed to saving founders & business owners from the tragedy of not knowing how to sell their products & services: reach out today and we'll get a plan together for you in minutes.

— Ali Mirza, President