Seven Techniques To Get Better At Sales

Seven Techniques To Get Better At Sales

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There was a time that being able to sell ice to an Eskimo was the mark of a great salesman. Today however, it is more associated with smooth talkers who try to sell products or services that people don’t really need. But hey, look around you. Did you ever find the time to read that ultra-expensive (but now dusty) Encyclopedia Britannica set, or have you finally come around to using your exercise equipment, colorful cookbooks and all other junk that you have accumulated in your lifetime yet don’t need at all?  Truth is, you may have bought things that you don’t really need, but you definitely wanted them when you did. Oftentimes, that’s all that matters – for a customer to be happy with what he gets. And that’s the key to get better at selling – making people want to buy your product, regardless of whether he needs it or not. So although an Eskimo doesn’t need ice any more than you need sand when you’re in the desert, he may want to buy ice from you if you know your craft.


Here are Seven Sales Techniques that can definitely help you sell ice to an Eskimo and make you better at selling:  


  1. Understand the Need

Consumers have different needs, tastes, and demands. Your Eskimo prospect is surrounded with ice, but he may need ice of different sizes, forms and density – huge ice blocks to repair his igloo, clean crushed ice for his shake, or mineral ice cubes for his hot tea. Once you understand the need, you can sell anything.


  1. Generate Fear

Indeed, why should an Eskimo buy ice from you when he is surrounded by it? We know that snow catches microbes and pollutants, such as pesticides, formaldehyde, mercury,  black carbon, or soot (to name a few) in the atmosphere as they fall, not to mention animal waste and dirt from the soil that can also end up in there. Once it dawns on the Eskimo that he has been eating acid snow and that his health problems may have been caused by it, he will never catch snowflakes in a bowl again, assuring you of a steady flow of orders.  Fear is a very powerful tool that marketers and advertisers have used on everything from health products to security systems. It has been proven time and again that fear creates the urgency needed to convince a prospect to read and respond even to cold emails.


  1. Create the Need

Ok, so the Eskimo doesn’t really need ice. But do you know that real need has nothing to do with sales? If you have doubts, look again at the useless stuff you bought through all the years. So how do you convince an Eskimo that he needs your ice? Provide value. Consider this: for the first time in his life, an Eskimo beholds sparkling ice made out of alkaline water which provides not only amazing health benefits but can also boost the immune system and assist his body to cure many diseases. If you can create a need in the mind of your prospects, you can sell your product.


  1. Innovate

There are many ways to kill a cat, so they say. Sweetened, brightly colored flavored ice cubes of different hues will appeal to Eskimo children. Or glitter-infused multi-colored layered ice cubes with different yummy flavors – the list can go on. And oh, those breathtaking ice carvings, will they not last forever in Siberia? If you want to get ahead of your peers, it’s important to be creative and embrace outside the box thinking.


  1.  Fan the Flames

So now you have already created a strong desire for the Eskimo to buy your ice, but you still need to stimulate a buying action. This is where you make an appeal to emotion. How far would an Eskimo (or anyone for that matter) go to protect and give the best to their loved ones? Can he live with the thought that he could have done something good or protected his family from danger but didn’t? Use the power of his imagination – let him envision the things he will be capable of doing once he is much healthier because of your pristine ice; the satisfaction of seeing his family or community  accomplish greater things because of better health; or the sheer joy of knowing that he has made other people’s lives better. Captivating testimonials can also come in handy. Always remember, information tells, but stories sell.


  1. Create Urgency and Scarcity

If you come to the Arctic regions with an ice machine and with the intent to stay there forever, then you will create the impression of an endless supply of your product. Needless to say, if you brought only enough ice cubes that you can carry, then it will compel the Eskimos to purchase your product for fear of missing out. This is the reason why Bitcoin reached almost $20,000.00 per coin in December of 2017 – fear of missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.


  1. Be Genuine

More often than not, people buy from you and return because they like and trust you, not only because of your products. There’s no better way to get a person’s trust than showing genuine interest in him as a person, listening more than talking, and exhibiting real concern for his well-being.

Always remember that sales is an art, a unique journey for each instance. If you really want to be a great salesman, you have to dig deeper into the psyche of the consumer and understand what compels them to want to buy even things they don’t need.  


Happy Selling!

As always, shoot me an email at [email protected] with any questions and follow me for great sales tips:

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