Rose Garden Consulting Helps Mixle Win First Place At The Braves App Challenge

Rose Garden Consulting Helps Mixle Win First Place At The Braves App Challenge

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Not only did we win first place in the challenge but we secured Mixle a BIG juicy check! The Atlanta Braves held a hackathon aimed at finding innovative solutions to help create the greatest sporting experience in the Southeast. There were seven teams competing for the top prize and Rose Garden’s task was to make Mixle stand out amongst the crowd . All teams were charged with building consumer-facing mobile elements that integrate into the SunTrust Park/Battery Atlanta app.

Mixle is an app that connects you with people nearby who share similar thoughts or interests for an instant meetup. It’s the perfect fan experience App.

Rose Garden Consulting was able to perfect the PITCH that ultimately won the challenge!! Nobody cares about your idea if they cannot understand it. Rose Garden Consulting was an integral part of the presentation in effectively communicating the value to the judges thus securing the win.

Congratulations to Mixle and Rose Garden Consulting!!!!

Learn more in the exclusive Hypepotamus article on the challenge here.

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