6 Common Sales Mistakes

6 Common Sales Mistakes

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Today we are going to discuss the biggest mistakes most sales people make that not only cost them the deal but ultimately prevent them from getting to that next level.

From sales person, to Sales Professional.

Ya, I know, not my best one liner ever.

Watch the video below and learn the worst offenders:

Mistake #1: Rushing through your presentation
Mistake #2: Not asking enough questions
Mistake #3: Believing everything your clients tell you at face value
Mistake #4: Putting your prospect on a pedestal
Mistake #5: Failing to control the sales call
Mistake #6: Over exaggerating

Okay now check out my video on how to cold call here.

Happy Selling!

As always, shoot me an email at [email protected] with any questions and follow me for great sales tips:

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