11 Steps to Closing the Sale from a Sales Training Expert

11 Steps to Closing the Sale from a Sales Training Expert

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Growing your business is key to surviving. Many businesses believe once they have achieved a certain revenue point growing the business is no longer needed; rather maintaining an existing client base is in their best interest. The most conservative of estimates I could find stated that’s businesses will lose an average of 12% of their existing client base simply through attrition. For this reason along with many others, a business needs to constantly be growing its client base. Sales training is one of the best ways to create a strategic approach to this problem.

First and foremost, every company needs 3 things in order to grow its client base.

  • Sales (Garnered through sales training)
  • Good Customer Service
  • Product Offerings

This list may seem backwards, but your product offering is only as important as your ability to sell it and service your clients after. Many great companies fail due to lack of sales. I cannot think of one company that failed even though they had fantastic ethical sales.For the purposes of this article, I will only focus on the sales aspect and how to ensure you get your product sold.
1. Define your market and area of expertise.

  • Too many businesses try to grow by simply picking up the phone and dialing numbers of potential clients.
  • This task becomes random and does not allow you to perfect your pitch with respect to a particular environment.
  • The best way to tackle this task from the beginning is to concretely define your perfect client in the preferred industry.
  • A strategic plan should be part of your sales training strategy to increase sales.

2. Set goals of top 10 perfect clients in the industry.

  • Saturating the pool with prospects only allows you to give your potential client less attention.
  • By targeting 10 specific clients, appropriate research can be done to customize your sales script specifically to the company, addressing specific needs you can solve, thus making it more imperative they speak with you.

3. Figure out whom to contact in the company.

  • This step will shorten your sales cycle significantly.
  • The person you want to contact needs to be the decision maker.

4. Build a script of how to get in the door.

  • When speaking to the decision maker, addressing key concerns you can solve for them will get you in the door; rather than telling them about your product or service.
  • Sales training can assist in this.

5. Get off your ass and call them.

  • No plan worked is better than a great plan not worked.
  • No amount of sales training can give you this internal motivation. Sometimes you just have to get off your ass and make a move.
Cold Calling Sales
Cold Calling is Mandatory

6. Set an appointment.

  • When calling the decision maker, your goal should be to sell the appointment, not the product.

7. Show up 10 minutes early, dressed to impress.

  • This goes without saying, being late only helped the people that missed the titanic.
  • When you dress to impress, this will garner some sort of authoritative respect that jeans and a t-shirt simply cannot achieve.

8. Have your script ready and then close.

  • When you walk in, ensure everything is scripted, even the rapport building. This will allow you to focus on the decision makers responses and body language rather than trying to think of new things to say to keep the conversation moving forward.
  • Almost 70% of all sales calls end without a close. 100% of deals are completed only if a close was made.
  • Sales training can assist with these odds.

9. Handle the objection.

  • We all would love a “Lay Down Larry” that immediately says yes after you close, but Larry is currently paying off all his debts right now.
  • If you have not identified 5 of your most common objections and have your rebuttal written down and practiced, you are not prepared.

10. Lay the groundwork for referrals once you deliver on the sale.

  • Sales training manuals love telling people to ask for a referral at the close. They also love lying about how many referrals they get right there and then.
  • The truth of the matter is, the prospect hardly knows you and hardly knows your product.
  • First prove to them you are capable of delivering and set expectation at closing that once you deliver, you want them to give you 5 people that could also benefit from your product or service.
Sales Script
Write Down Your Winning Formula

11. Write down the winning formula and multiply yourself.

  • Once you have proven this works, don’t keep it a secret.
  • Write everything down as this will assist you, but when you hire someone to sell for you, they will have a blueprint of what they should be doing.
  • This allows you to do your own sales training in the future.

As always, shoot me an email at [email protected] with any questions and follow me for great sales tips:

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