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About Us

Customized sales systems for helping companies grow faster and smarter

Rose Garden Consulting specializes in building and implementing customized sales systems for growth-oriented companies with revenue objectives that exceed $10 million.

During the past two decades, our team of revenue-generation experts have helped dozens of companies reach lofty sales targets. We do this by developing, documenting and implementing new sales processes and strategies that scale. To help push performance, we also craft strategic compensation structures and incentives.

In turn, we’re able to accelerate companies’ pipelines, so deals close faster and revenue rises beyond previous thresholds.

The foundation for making all these factors work is a strong sales culture. This can push a middle-of-the road rep to compete for a top spot each month. Culture can also drive top-performing reps to the next level because others are constantly nipping at their heels.

Our Team

Our experience working across many industries ensures that our sales solutions are relevant to a variety of business goals.

The biggest problem with most sales training and coaching is it’s based on wordplay and semantics meant to “win.” As a result, organizations get stuck with the same tired, stock concepts applied from one business to the next. This makes scaling nearly impossible because each sales solution isn’t customized to the company’s needs and leadership.

We are always looking beyond the surface level to uncover opportunities. This leads to customized sales systems that help our clients take their business to the next level.