Our mission is to drive continuous revenue growth

We are a collective of revenue generation experts who use behavioral economics to transform businesses. Our vision is to change the fundamental understanding of how people buy and sell. This starts with redefining your sales team and solving your longstanding sales challenges.

Our Team


Ali Mirza

Founder & CEO

Zac Phelps

Director of Strategy & Development

Chantal Mirza

Program Advisor

Victor Antonio

VP of Implementation

Jacob Lance

Strategic Specialist

Michelle Parrinello

Instructional Designer
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Our Manifesto

We are aggressive and unapologetic revenue generation experts. We tell our clients the hard truths, no holding back. We are more than consultants; we actively transform your business.

Our tactics are proven. Our approach distinct and inimitable. We apply behavioral economics to your sales methodology to create meaningful change.

As long as sales is between two humans it will never be a mathematical equation or ‘science’ and it must be treated as much. Prospects don’t always make the rational choice or follow trends. What motivates one buyer will not always resonate with the next. Knowing this, we embrace the human elements in sales – hiring the right people, mapping the buyer experience, and closing deals.

We guarantee a win if you follow our lead. We’re not afraid to tear down and redefine your culture to dominate year after year.

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What is Behavioral Economics?

Sales is not a science

In a perfect world, human beings would make purchasing decisions informed by their preferences and a logical cost- vs.-benefits analysis. This would make a sales job pretty straightforward…and the world pretty boring.

Humans are irrational creatures who do not always make logical decisions. You can prove to them that what your selling has more value, but if they don’t like the way you framed your argument, the channels you used to reach them, or even the suit you’re wearing that day, they won’t buy.

Focus on what is underneath all the data and hype: people

Data can only take you so far. In the end, it’s emotional and psychological appeal that persuades someone to purchase. And this can be extremely tricky to teach your sales team.

Our processes are steeped in Behavioral Economics, the study of psychology as it relates to the decision-making process in economics. Through this we are able to identify patterns of behaviors that help us predict a prospect’s responses. By honing your team’s intuition and improving their ability to assess a prospect’s emotional response, we can close more deals and move your business to the highest level imaginable.

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