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About Us

Engineering and implementing sales teams.

Rose Garden Consulting is a multidisciplinary collective of revenue generation experts. We help businesses accelerate their pipeline, close deals, and scale revenue.

Scaling B2B sales organizations is our specialty. Businesses looking to get from just a few sales reps to dozens. From a few million dollars in revenue to $50M. We understand the unique challenges that service-based agencies, SaaS, insurance, and financial products face.

We take an active approach with our clients. We're not just advisors, we get our hands dirty and build out the sales process, playbooks, hiring, onboarding and training plans. With a hand on all aspects of the plan we can build and document a seamless, cohesive experience.

If you're a passionate founder, CEO, or sales leader looking to scale and want to make sure it's done right the first time, we want to meet you.

Core Values

Results Oriented, Not Effort Driven
Creative + Innovative
Solution Focused
Team First

Our Team

Founder + CEO
Partner + Engagement Manager
Program Advisor
VP of Implementation
Strategic Specialist
Instructional Designer
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